About Us

Big Mirror was founded in 2018 by Michael Meaney and Andy Chapman. We’re inspired to do this work by the sheer amount of nonsense we’ve seen and heard being spoken over many years in organisations and politics in the name of “communication”, by people who should know better. We believe that many ordinary people today feel starved of opportunities to have constructive and powerful conversations with one another about the things that are most important to them and to their communities. We know that, given the right setting, such conversations can and will flourish.

Our own paths to this point have covered much diverse terrain. Between us, we’ve been wine buyers, corporate planners, gigging musicians, group facilitators, risk consultants, marketing executives, poster sellers, record shop proprietors, psychotherapists, economists, coaches and serial entrepreneurs, with a modicum of success and a quantum of failure too. Among our successes most relevant to what Big Mirror is about was getting some energy multinationals, anti-tar sands NGOs, Olympics Games officials and others to work together constructively after the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to come up with some concrete proposals for how the commercial sponsorship of major sporting events should be better organised in future.

Our professional expertise is in creating awareness and movement in groups that often feel stuck, fractured and disengaged. We have worked with a wide range of clients from community groups to multi-national corporates, from the arts sector to the health sector. A recent social change project explored how we could develop a more democratic education system in England.

Big Mirror feels like the natural culmination of several important threads that we have been fiddling with and weaving together for a few years now. It also feels like the start of something very exciting.

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