Big Mirror has a central aim that informs the work that we do. This is the  development of “conscious kindness” across society: where we commit ourselves to viewing other people and their situations with empathy, curiosity and compassion and this becomes the bedrock upon which businesses, schools, communities and governments are built. If we can do this, then many other things become possible including:

  • A renewal of hope: cynicism and disengagement may be an understandable response to the various crises that we face but they ultimately lead nowhere. We want to rekindle hope for a better future – one that everyone can help to shape and act upon .
  • A better quality for life for everyone: so that we are able to enjoy more fully the experience of being alive each day and the amazing richness that is within each of us and in the world that we share.
  • More “human” organisations: the most important priority for any organisation should be ensuring the welfare and fulfilment of its workforce, the health of the communities it is a part of and the wellbeing of the natural systems on which we all depend.  Making an adequate financial return is, of course, vital but it cannot be at the expense of treating people and planet with respect.
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